Uma Bar

bar uma

Contemporary, confident and innovative, Bar Uma lounge is a welcoming addition to the lobby with its approachable, mellow atmosphere. A palette of tangerine, maroons, dark timbers, soft pinks and tan leather are complemented by the introduction of soft greens, bone and olives through the furniture selection.

The introduction of muted tangerine hues, dark timbers and delicate pinks evoke impressions of sunsets on the northern coral West Australian coast and the pink salt lake phenomenon, Lake Hillier.

Stepping up into the lounge, the dark timber floors and geometric timber feature ceiling grid are offset by fluid curving forms of garden beds and booth seating arrangements, which seamlessly flow throughout the space. The graceful sweep of these elements are sinuous and organic in shape, whilst clean and crisp in tone.

We introduced organic forms, reflective of John Olsen’s distinct visual language of squiggly lines and dots, as well as playing with different heights, soft drapes and upholstery to create a varying feel within the one space.

UMA Bar,
Pan Pacific Perth.