Uma Restaurant

uma restaurant

The State of Kin team completely reinvented what was formerly Origins Restaurant into a new, rich, opulent and intimate Peruvian restaurant.

As purveyors of authentic Peruvian cuisine, we felt that the space should subtly reference the fare on offer, whilst maintaining an holistic and overarching design intent with clear connection to the rest of the hotel.

Peruvian-inspired tones of burgundy, dusty blues and terracotta dominate, while forms and textures are heavily rendered geometric patterns. Meanwhile, the flow of the restaurant is organic, with fluid walkways and curved forms at every point of the journey.

Working within the existing bones of the space, we created a central seating area, utilising this focal point in an interesting way as opposed to simply having a sea of tables. The central booth has a planter within and a timber awning above to anchor the room.

A private, elevated dining space to the back of the restaurant includes three large seating areas for private dining, as well as the opportunity to link all of the tables up and create a long table seating experience for larger groups. Booth areas in the nooks offer a more private, intimate setting, while maximising space

UMA Restaurant,
Pan Pacific Perth.