what we do


We are at our best when creating, moulding and exceeding expectations. Our spaces are underpinned by individuality to enhance life within Perth’s unique identity.


Our collective of architects, builders, project managers and fundamental creators come together to create exceptional residential spaces with more than 30 years of experience behind us. With State of Kin, incredible design meets an eminently capable build on each project.

We will always rise to producing a tailored outcome; with layered and material-rich spaces that bear the hallmarks of revolutionary design concepts and construction techniques. By taking ownership of each facet of a project’s delivery, we share our love of design, processes, care and curation in a transparent collaboration with our clients. We live and breathe every project that we have the honour of embarking on, and our passion, indispensable knowledge and cross-generational experience opens the door to heightened possibilities. We will create for you an intelligent, considered and authentic space which will optimize your ideal lifestyle.


Embracing the challenges of the commercial design and build realm, State of Kin translates our concept to completion methodology to retail, hospitality, education, health & wellness spaces. Our streamlined process adopts a free flow of communication that results in cost and time efficiencies. The team’s meticulously formulated and highly developed process will ultimately enhance the end result of your project. Our collective ability to remain agile in the face of site challenges and work through these hurdles holistically means that there is no project or task too significant to overcome.

We have established long-standing relationships with our network of suppliers and subcontractors via the various arms of our family business. These have been developed and nurtured over time and generations, ensuring quality control and efficient outcomes. It’s all part of our responsibility to a client’s investment in us as a team and to our unwavering core values. Every project we complete offers the high quality of design, exceptional build and attention to detail that will outperform even the most discerning review.

Incremental Consultancy

State of Kin offers both a full service and an incremental fee structure option for our service consultancy.

Our team can be commissioned for a project’s entirety or simply a particular segment of work, falling anywhere within our broad scope of expertise. We provide microservice capabilities from branding, destination concepts, interior design, styling and visual merchandising through to retrospective approvals, specifications, producing a project team or project management. An incremental consultancy sees a series of discrete tasks charged as a miniature lump sum fee, in order to assist you in breaking your project down into components, with a single deliverable for each.